Tuesday, February 25, 2014


    To kick off my first post, I wanted to first sit down and have a little chat. If you have been following the Volkov Bratva series with me, you will notice that I have been making many changes to it through out. It went from being two books, to three, from three to five with the last two being stand-alones.
    I know that many readers are not big fans of cliffhangers and some of them find them unnecessary. While they are fully entitled to that opinion, I believed that it was important to write the stories the way I saw them, not because I was trying to prolong the story lines, but because if I would have tried to consolidate everything that needed to happen for Mishca and Lauren to be together in one book, I would have either made it a hell of a long book, or cut corners. I wanted to do neither, so...three books. Now book three, The Final Hour, is going to be long, and I do mean long. Everyone that has ever played a part in this series are going to have their moments and their actions and purposes will be revealed.
    It's going to be one hell of a ride and I really hope you're ready for what they have planned for you. Because of the work it's going to take to finish up The Final Hour, I have decided not to publish Bleeding Stars which is Mishca's novella.
    Once it is complete, I will actually be offering it here on my website as a free read as a thank you to all of my readers.
    The Last Volkov, however, will be in (Red.) which is Klaus' story. If you haven't read Until the End, I know you're probably wondering who the hell that is. Sorry, I won't be telling you on here. Just know that you would probably want to read to find out.
    That brings me to my next point. After The Final Hour, the last two books of the Volkov Series will be next.
    The Gilded Room: Luka's Story.
    Red.: Klaus' Story.
    I'm not sure who is coming first, since both stories happen around the same time, but of course I'll be letting you know when the dates are closer.

    So what comes after the Volkov Bratva Series?
    The Kingmaker Series which is going to be an absolute blast. I don't want to reveal to much, but the Hero is older than Mishca though not by much. The tentative release date for the first novel in the series is March 25, 2015, mind you the date is tentative, so it could very well be before then.
    Another series?
    Yep, another series. For some reason, I think of long drawn out plots that cannot take place in just one book. (My cross to bear). But, mind you, they are all stand-alones. As of now, I have three books planned, no cliffhangers though they do deal with the same main characters in both.

    Alright, that's all I can tell you about that for now.

    On to the best part of this post.
    When the hell will The Final Hour be out?

    May 25th.

    You can quote me on that. You can email me, write on my fb wall or goodreads wall to make sure I'm writing daily to ensure that it's here on time. Trust me, I learned my lesson with Until the End.