Tuesday, July 15, 2014

But did I die...

I was slumbering, pretty peacefully I'd say when I felt something crawling on my arm. No in ever in life has seen me move that fast, and no one probably ever will. What can I say...I really freakin hate bugs.

Anyway, now that I'm up at the worst possible time since I was supposed to have another hour of snooze time, I thought I would do an in depth talk through of what's going to come next from me.

   As many of you know, The Final Hour came out last Thursday (Woo!) and it looks like people rather enjoyed it--considering I have nine reviews on Amazon, eight of them being five star, a first for me.

   Now that Mishca and Lauren's story, the heart of it, has been told, it's time to move on to different characters. That isn't to say we won't see more of them, we will. There are two more books for the Volkov Bratva planned, plus two spinoff series I have planned, which I will talk more about in a moment. This, in itself, is why the epilogue in The Final Hour just stays current. We still have yet to truly come to an end.

   Now, onto books.

   Okay, so maybe two months ago, I changed the order to which book would be released next. Luka (Hidden Monsters) was going to be first, then Klaus (Red.) Then I changed it. Now, I'm not sure who will be first, thanks in part to both of those guys clamoring away in my head.

       We'll see.

google images

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how I picture Luka. Same great bone structure, clean shaven, messy wavy hair. I mean, isn't he just nice to look at? Luka hides behind his pain, a truly tortured soul, but he finds his redemption and as I write him, I never realized just how much Luka sacrifices for those he cares about. You'll see more of that in his book.

    Right, maybe it's just me that swoons over hot Russians (and he's actually Russian)

google images

This is how I picture Mishca Volkov.

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This is how I picture Klaus.

Can you see the differences although they are twins? (and the fact that Gaspard Ulliel is only one man)

 Klaus looks angry, more brooding, and he has every right to be, as you'll read in Red. His story is kind of heartbreaking, as well as uplifting because he rises from the ashes of his past for a future he never thought he could have. I love Klaus, dearly. Maybe even a little more than Mishca.

So look for Hidden Monsters (or Red.) this fall.