Thursday, May 1, 2014


But I have so many ideas...

Okay, so I have plenty of ideas, infinite amounts of stories I want to tell, but for some reason, my mind still goes back to the question, 'well, is that it for Mishca and Lauren?'

   About an hour ago, after I showered and ate breakfast, this blinding ray of a story arc hit me, and my immediate thought was, I can't continue their story. It has to be wrapped up and pretty in The Final Hour.
   But this idea!!!
   If I was able to write it, and actually do it justice, it could be phenomenal. And I want to, I really do. Then, I began to worry that anything over a trilogy (because that's kind of what Mishca and Lauren are at the moment) would just be overkill.

   I remember reading this post from an author I follow, explaining why she wouldn't continue a storyline with two particular characters. She said it was because, 'For there to be another book, there would have to be another conflict.'
   I did think of that post when I was pondering this new idea for Mishca and Lauren. Was there enough of a conflict? Do people really want to read more about that damned Russian and the soon-to-be wife he loves?

   K, so I can't say for sure whether or not I'm going to actually go through with it (it's far too early to tell). But regardless, since it is my book, my world, I shall take the advice of Loki.